Willa Rose Soap Company Standards

Hi, welcome to Willa Rose! We hope you enjoy what we have to offer, and perhaps find, and share, some great ideas.

All of our items are 100% organic, and ethically harvested.  The transformation on my skin has been amazing!  If you think about it, why would you not think twice about putting toxins ON your body, but never dream of putting them IN you body?  Anything applied to your skin enters your blood stream through transdermal absorption.  I use NOTHING IN MY PRODUCTS THAT I WOULD NOT INJEST. It’s amazing how easy it is, and how much better you’ll look and feel.  Best of all you’ll spend a lot less money on beauty products.  If you find one of my soaps, body butter’s, shampoo ect, that you love, but may prefer a different  scent, I’m more than happy to create a special order for you.  I do not use synthetic perfumes in my products, nor do I use synthetic dyes.  I only use essential oils, and vegetable coloring (e.g. beet root powder).  I prefer the natural look of a soap, but some of my customers love color, and I do everything I can to find the perfect shade, while staying 100% natural.

While all of my products are locally grown, and locally harvested, I also have a 100% Vegan line I’m developing.  For those of you who are interested PLEASE CONTACT ME, I’m excited to expand this line, and I have some great ideas, and I’m always open to suggestions 🙂

Although, I have specific line for children, ALL of my products are safe for children over 2 years of age.  The reason being, certain fabulous holistic oils that are great for us, may cause very mild irritation on precious skin.  Also, if you are expecting, please let me know, and we will create something beautiful that you will love, and contain wonderful, safe, and healthy oils for you and your baby.

Please contact me with any questions.  I have so many products, I’m working on putting up a gallery. If you’re just moving to the organic body products, I would start with the most simple.  A body butter, cleansing bar for face and body, and face cream.  My favorite, and most popular would be The Divine Body Butter, Divine face and body bar, and Citrus face cream. If your interested in purchasing, or have more questions, please contact me at hleigh1976@gmail.com.

I will list more products along with ingredients and prices soon. Please continue to check back.  I’m also opening an Etsy store, WillaRoseSoapCompany.

I look forward to hearing from you,



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